Girlfriend had to learn the hard way to leave more than an hour for layover.

So we are attempting to start out trip to the east coast but there has been a hiccup.  So normally I like to leave at leave 2-3 hours per layover just to make sure slight delays aren’t an issue.  It has happened on more than one occasion that my flights taxi around for an extra hour for whatever reason, I assume to give the plane some extra exercise.

Anyway on this trip my girlfriend booked it and she hasn’t booked a flight in awhile and assumed one hour for a layover was enough..with Spirit Airlines.  Let’s be honest Spirit backs their flights up together so close it isn’t uncommon for delays but you get what you pay for so whatever.  Of course there’s some random lightning in Denver and yada yada by the time we get off the plane in Atlanta the doors are closed for our flight to Boston.  It’s just a lesson learned and a rule reaffirmed.

Anyway it isn’t so bad actually, the Airbnb refunded our money and Spirit is paying for a room and food so it is kind of like a free day since I do love Atlanta…

Day 1 down…

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