Cliff Jumping and Meat Challenges in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Throwback Thursday…to a simpler time of eating too much and jumping from high places…

Team Strawberry Seahorses

In a country of beautiful cities like Croatia trying to pick out a favorite is incredibly tough.  I’ve had to resort to trying to think of which city provided one of the most unique experiences among them and I arrived back at Dubrovnik.  Dubrovnik is a city that gets a lot of publicity lately because of Game of Thrones and its generally pleasing, medieval aesthetic.   Walking the walls and laying on the beach are some of the most popular activities and they deserve to be but I want to walk you briefly through my guide to an amazing day in Dubrovnik at a very affordable price.

10341608_695688672761_4288852609789801668_nStep 1 – Purchase some on the go beers, but no food.  The no food part is critical later and will be apparent, if you need some food go with a small apple or something very light, trust me.  The small vending shops…

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