Sleeping in a bus in Atlanta, Georgia

There is an art form to the perfect weekend getaway and every avid traveler has to find one that suits themselves.  When you have such a brief window to experience someplace it is hard to gauge what the most fulfilling use of that time can be. In the last year I have taken 2 trips to Atlanta, Georgia.  There were 2 core reasons for these … Continue reading Sleeping in a bus in Atlanta, Georgia

Hobbiton, New Zealand

I’ve traveled to many places, seen many sights, and taken a lot of photos.  That being said, I have never taken so many photos of one place as I have of Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand. A couple things worth noting, they do a special dinner at night where you eat in their replica Hobbit pub, The Green Dragon, and then take a nighttime, extended tour … Continue reading Hobbiton, New Zealand