Sleeping in a bus in Atlanta, Georgia

There is an art form to the perfect weekend getaway and every avid traveler has to find one that suits themselves.  When you have such a brief window to experience someplace it is hard to gauge what the most fulfilling use of that time can be.

In the last year I have taken 2 trips to Atlanta, Georgia.  There were 2 core reasons for these trips that I built a weekend trip around.  First was their aquarium and I am always a sucker for a good aquarium.  The second was Jordancon because I am a pretty huge nerd as you will find out in a future post on San Diego Comic Con so it’s best we rip that band-aid off quickly.

Now that the reason for the trip was decided it was time to book a room…

This will do nicely

Yes, we slept in this here bus, and it was amazing.  You can really find anything on AirBnB.  It was located on an artist compound with some other pretty interesting abodes but none quite like this.

With our location set up it was time to see some sights.  We didn’t have much planned so we kind of just walked around.  Central Atlanta is big, but not so big you can’t walk to most of the sites within a day.

A Mason temple…I think

Now a lot of times I half joke about the USA’s culture essentially being a lack of culture or anything terribly distinctive.  This is absolutely not the case in Atlanta and especially on Auburn Ave.  This is a site primed with history from the Civil Rights area and Martin Luther King Jr.  Just walking through it you can feel the layers of history and it is really uplifting.  A lot of the area is not in great shape but it doesn’t detract from it at all.


We visited Sweet Auburn, the MLK memorial and attended a speech reenactment at his church,  Ebenezer Baptist.  I learned a pretty thorough detailing of MLK’s life and it was fascinating, and made me feel pretty lazy by comparison.  The solemn nature of his memorial is not what I am traditionally used to, but it was welcome and appropriate.

Next, we visited the  CNN headquarters.  I had hopes of high fiving Anderson Cooper but that was just not on the menu it seems…yet.  The tour was nice and cozy, we saw some fancy control rooms and broadcasting flim flams while the guide explained how a standard episode is created and presented.  They did not like that I started every sentence I said with “BREAKING NEWS” though.  I was pretty tired at this point of the trip…

BREAKING NEWS: The bathrooms were super clean

Since Anderson Cooper was nowhere to be found my absolute favorite part of the CNN headquarters was the Rick and Morty statue.

Sudden introspection…

Fighting off sleep the next area to visit was the World of Coke.  Now, we didn’t go inside because as much as I like Coke(especially in my Long Islands) I did not feel the need to learn that much about it.  It was, however, a great spot to take some Pepsi themed photos.

Just casually drinking a Pepsi…
The well bearded Coke founder

The next day we had blocked off entirely for the aquarium and let me tell you…worth it.  This place was huge.  At the time of writing this it boasted the largest single tank in the world and it had whale sharks, giant manta rays, and penguins boning.

With a viewing pod so you can make eye contact when they finish

Seriously though, I think I spent hours in their main tank area watching the whale sharks go by, it was incredibly serene and relaxing.  We stayed until closing time.

My pictures may indicate otherwise but there was a lot more going on at this place than just the whale sharks.  Also, back to the penguins, there was an adorable penguin parade!

Look at this sassy box of adorable adjectives

It wouldn’t be a post on Atlanta without mentioning the food.  The barbecue was astounding, we ate at some street rib joints that I regret not making note of and also Sweet Auburn BBQ.  We also ate at a place that combined Burgers and Sushi…actually pretty delicious but it may be a chain so my traveler instinct is unsure if it’s worth mentioning.  Oh what the hell why not.

Lastly, if you were curious, Jordancon went over pretty well.

Karaoke got a little weird though…

Anyway, I consider Atlanta a great weekend getaway spot, and now I’m hungry for ribs so it seems like a good time to end.

Nerd friends doing nerd stuff! Find out about Jordancon here:

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