Sleeping in a bus in Atlanta, Georgia

TBT – Heading back to Atlanta soon, good time to remember what I loved

Team Strawberry Seahorses

There is an art form to the perfect weekend getaway and every avid traveler has to find one that suits themselves.  When you have such a brief window to experience someplace it is hard to gauge what the most fulfilling use of that time can be.

In the last year I have taken 2 trips to Atlanta, Georgia.  There were 2 core reasons for these trips that I built a weekend trip around.  First was their aquarium and I am always a sucker for a good aquarium.  The second was Jordancon because I am a pretty huge nerd as you will find out in a future post on San Diego Comic Con so it’s best we rip that band-aid off quickly.

Now that the reason for the trip was decided it was time to book a room…

IMG_20160930_170906983.jpg This will do nicely

Yes, we slept in this here bus, and it…

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