Kathmandu Monkey Temple Swayambhunath…Hah…That Word Looks Like I Just Hit My Head on the Keyboard

So without the need for much introduction, Kathmandu has a temple called Swayambhunath that is the home to hundreds(if not more) of monkeys and has rightfully earned the name Monkey Temple.  It is a gorgeous spot with great views (barring the usual amount of trash that Nepal has) and I suggest going early or later in the day to catch the feeding time of the monkeys.


Anyway, I hope you like photos of monkeys because if you your eyeballs are gonna scream.


Of course monkeys aren’t the only thing, there’s a good amount of the usual religious art as well which is pretty neat-o(but lets be honest you go for the monkeys).



Hah, I make that face when I eat too
Don’t laugh, I dare you
I’ll admit, I didn’t know there would be so many stairs…

So you absolutely must go to the top, you get some great views of Kathmandu and that’s where the monkeys get fed.



Also worth noting, wherever there is food to be had there’s also pigeons and a fair amount of stray dogs.  The dynamic between them is interesting.  The dogs and monkeys have a tense truce with occasional growling but they both chase off the pigeons.





This blurry monkey hit me, probably jealous I wasn’t taking a picture of him.


Also I do love Hindu temples, don’t have anything like it that I’m used to.

It watches me…

That’s about all worth saying about this place.  It’s easy, free, and full of animals so nothing more need to be said.  Absolutely worth it.  Here’s some more pictures and check out our Shutterstock if you want to buy hi-res images.





Much more on Nepal to come you crazy kittens!

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