Quick Review – Kuraal Casino Bern

Oh what to say about this place.  I’m writing this because I found this is my suit coat pocket after 3 years.  This also qualifies as one of those experiences I didn’t take enough photos for.

I either don’t check my pockets well enough, don’t was my suits often enough, or this thing is incredibly durable.  Odds are the first and second…

So I lived in Bern, Switzerland for about a year and it was amazing.  I made some great friends and had some experiences I loved.  This place is one of those memories but less because the place itself is actually good and more because I enjoyed the people I was there with.  The casino, like almost everything in Switzerland, was well above my price comfort range.  The MINIMUM at most tables you could sit down with the 50 Swiss Francs and at the time that was about my food budget for like 2 weeks.  Needless to say I only tried one stint on the roulette table and didn’t lose much so I considered it a win for me.

The evening highlights came from the hilarious smoking box they built for smokers.

haha isolation box

And then when our friend was confused for a prostitute.  I maintain we could have somehow gotten a couple free drinks from that.

Nobody ever seems to confuse me with a prostitute for some reason…

This place also sells it’s old card decks as souvenirs which is pretty solid.  I gave them as general souvenirs and use them in poker games still so they are good quality.  Overall, this place was out of my budget to truly enjoy it but with the right people anywhere is fun.  At least we looked the parts.


So right back to where we started, very expensive, be sure to arrive already drunk, and buy souvenir playing cards early in the night because they will run out.  Whelp, that feels like a solid enough post on this….uhhh…ok….

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