Swimming With Giants – Photos from Snorkeling in Hawaii

Back in the day I had a pretty solid underwater photography setup that I was very fond of.  However, as most frequent travelers may attest, valuables do not last.  There was an incident with my equipment and it has taken me quite some time to even get the interest in gathering new gear.  However with a too appealing holiday deal on a Canon G9 X Mark II (which is one of the better point and shoot cameras out in my opinion) I couldn’t help but revisit the photos from my snorkel trip to Hawaii primarily around the island of Oahu.

KOP_0114 copy.jpg
aww look at me go

I went on several of the regular snorkel cruises with a group and several private and also one specifically to find whales(and oh boy did we find them).  I don’t have a specific recommendation for a company as I jumped around and was taken out by some locals as well.  I will say if you are staying in a hotel with a concierge, the companies booked through them are typically very good.

Anyway here is a select group of my photos.

KOP_0267 copy.jpg
Feeding a Pufferfish
DSH_7237 copy.jpg
Swimming baby Lovecraft Monster
281 (4).jpg
This guy though he could hide from me
KOP_0055 copy.jpg
Turtle Learning to Walk
IFH_0122 copy.jpg
School of Fish
IFH_0060 copy.jpg
A nice orderly school of fish

Here is one encounter with a dolphin pod, these suckers are super quick.

This one got up nice and close that curious creature.

IFH_0153 copy.jpg
Oh Hai Mark
KOP_0034 copy.jpg
I was trying to race this guy but the whole tortoise hair thing ya know…

Here’s a few more with some turtles.

KOP_9159 copy.jpg
A slippery eel doing what it does best…hiding

A few rays…

Now lets get into the bigger stuff.

KOP_0039 copy.jpg

Ok, gotcha haha I’m so funny ok anyway…


If it needs to be said, yes I was essentially pooping myself during all of the remaining photographs.

KOP_4110 copy.jpg

He seems nice enough…


This ones curiosity was a bit more unnerving…

KOP_0339 copy.jpg

And of course lastly, my favorite photo that I have ever taken…

KOP_0355 copy.jpg

If you are interested in more of these or buying them have a look at my shutterstock account username: robertzwinchell  email: robertzwinchell@gmail.com

Or you can be a real trooper and follow me on Instagram: strawberryseahorses

and Facebook: Team Strawberry Seahorses Travelers

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