Holi Color Festival in Kathmandu 2018 – It Was Like a War Zone

So one of my top bucket list items was to experience the Holi Festival in either Kathmandu or Delhi because frankly I heard it was pretty intense.


Needless to say that fact was correct.  For anyone who doesn’t know Holi is a festival of colors in which, essentially, large parts of the city throw paint and water on each other.  Don’t go outside if you value clean clothes.

Even the pets aren’t safe.

Little kids during this are adorable, this seems like the best day ever for them.  It’s like guerrilla warfare for them.  Anyway here’s photos, some were shot through a plastic bag for obvious reasons so forgive the quality.

Taking revenge on a little kid for ambushing us.  Size will not stop me.
Yes.  Fear me.
Trying to dance on stage.
Kid pretending to be Rambo.
Later in the day, taking in the damage.
Perhaps a white suit wasn’t the right choice.
But I did look good…
OK, yes, it was the right choice.
Couples photo.
Getting one more little kid for good measure.

I’ll be putting together a video of this experience soon once I can sort through the tons of good footage and I’ll get that delivered soon.  In the meantime, if you liked this stupid adventure check out my others from the trip to Nepal. Here, here, and here.

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