Crocodiles in Dugout Canoes in Chitwan, Nepal

So last month we were riding a canoe through Chitwan Park in Nepal getting uncomfortably close to some crocodiles! Yaaaaaaay….


It was a morning tour option from Sapana Lodge which is a great hotel and we loved it because they don’t make you ride elephants, unlike a good amount of resorts in the area.

I had to prepare to meet crocs at 8am with beer.  Also we weren’t supposed to wear bright colors but those were my only pants…so I’m kind of badass like that

Anyway, you get solidly closer to crocodiles and it definitely made Meghan a bit antsy.  Fortunately, crocs are incredibly lazy and we weren’t the weakest prey(well…).

The biggest issue is they blend in too well, we couldn’t see them until we could almost reach out and touch them…
The canoes didn’t really have much clearance from the water either
It’s staring at me…
Passed by some others using a different vehicle…they were much slower
These two were the feistiest
If I gotta go down, you can’t make me do it sober

Thanks for checking out the pics I got a ton more!  Like how I got a tick in this same jungle! First to finish up the Rickshaw Run write ups though…

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