How to Get a Snowmobile Stuck Frequently on Vail Pass

So this harsh winter it is basically us fellow travelers finding the best ways to navigate an uncertain world. We all have different ways of doing that, some healthy and some not so much. However, this winter is forcing me to try and make the most of my time in a more local fashion and try and wait it out until an optimistic summer. For this reason, we went ahead and did something again we already did, and that is snowmobiling.

Now I have snowmobiled in the past and normally when you rent you are relegated to following in an orderly line where you never really are allowed to open up the snowmobile to the level you deep down want to and for that reason I tended to avoid it as an activity. However, that all changed after we discovered Adventure Time Rentals up in Dillon, Colorado. For about 250 USD per snowmobile per entire day they give you a truck and trailer and load up the snowmobiles for you and just let you go wherever you want! You are on your own and they trust you with a fair chunk of equipment, which is AMAZING!

They have half day and full day options but I strongly suggest full day, the time seems to fly. Both times we rented with them we chose to drive to Vail Pass and ride around out there. It is also my suggested path because it has obvious paths, and open area to really let loose your machine, and an adorable town at the end of the trail for a break called Red Cliff.

Red Cliff Lodge
The main, and really only, street in Red Cliff. Yes there’s a bar.

The trail itself has a big variety as well so it’s perfect for basically whatever pace you’d like to keep. Of course, since we had done it before we were overly cocky and did some of the “non-trail” portions and got stuck more often than we didn’t. Keep in mind, snowmobiles are heavy and getting unstuck can be a bit of a pain. Seriously, that snow can drop off quick. That said the best way through if you are unsure is to just hit the gas. Slowing down makes you MUCH more likely to get stuck which is a mistake that was made. So hears a small montage and pics of some of the times we got stuck, enjoy! (Sorry for vertical video, hard to do with gloves on)

I’m told his ankle was blue the next day

Overall, I definitely recommend renting from Adventure Time and having a bit of a build your own adventure winter day. Was a great release from these harsher lockdown times.

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