Hiking the Dragon Trail – Hong Kong

Continuing my previous decision to include more exercise in my wanderings, I’ve gone and hiked to Big Wave Bay in Hong Kong on the epically named Dragon Trail. The eastern side of Hong Kong island is amazingly beautiful, and (surprisingly) undeveloped. Much of it is nature parks with awesome trails with awesome names.

My hike started at Chai Wan station at the end of the Island line of the MTR. From there I walked to Sai Si Wan to pick up the trail. I passed through the mall, over the overpass, and on to the avenue on the far side. It’s about a 15 minute walk to Sai Si Wan from the MTR.

The trail itself can be a bit hard to find. It starts at an unassuming staircase leading up a hill. You can find the trail in the Sai Si Wan Promenade, after the Island Resort. If you don’t feel like making the walk from Chai Wan to Sai Si Wan, there is a bus from Chai Wan Station to the Island Resort.

So, at this point, I started hiking up. The first half of the hike is entirely uphill. Well, I like to think I’m mildly fit, but this place will destroy that illusion. Not only was I breathing like a Wildebeest within a few minutes, but old Hong Kong grandmothers just walked right on by me as I labored by way up some stairs.

After about 20 minutes of hiking, you come across a road that wraps around the point. Perched on the hillside is a really neat temple/tea stand. The tea isn’t great, but it an experience.


From the teashop, take a sharp left up more stairs… yes, more stairs. These go on for a while, but not quite an eternity. Speaking of eternity, if there is a hell, I’ll be walking upstairs in the heat and humidity of the tropics forever.

Now, regardless of how much I complain, the view is absolutely amazing… I took photos to prove it.


I swear. You hike for an hour, only to be eye level with someone’s apartment. Oh Hong Kong. Anyway, eventually you crest the hill. It’s a pretty easy hike down from there. There are even signs to the bay.

This is actually one of my favorite beaches in Hong Kong. It isn’t quite as packed as some of the other ones on the island. You can rent surfboards at several locations, but the best part is there are plenty of little shops selling beer for not too expensive. Personally, I grab a Big Wave Bay Pale Ale. It costs around $35 HKD at the shops. Once, I’ve acquired that. I park myself for a while and contemplate why I live in a city.


Once you’ve finished the self-reflection part. You can grab a mini-bus by heading out of the beach and bearing left. It costs 10 HKD to get a ride back to the MTR.

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