Don’t Drink and Bike. My current trip in Utrecht is going well.

I just realized I haven’t posted in awhile because it has been hectic.  Well currently I’m in The Netherlands for a couple days then to Paris.  I tried to ride a bike last night after about 11 drinks.  How do Europeans do that? I assume practice makes perfect.


Anyway, found a new cocktail that had a ton of joke potential when in a group of europeans.  IMG_20180508_141300375

This is a fun city, like a miniature Amsterdam with fewer people.  I’ll do a better post on it when I’m not hobbling around like an old man with bad knees. Here’s more photos I took drunk.




The last one was from a cocktail bar, not really sure my logic on that. Oh well.  Huh…a lot of my recent posts involve drinking.  May be time for some introspection…tomorrow maybe

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