Comicon Day 2 – Taco Bell is all Restaurants

The highlight of day 2 at San Diego Comicon was definitely a pop up celebrating the 25th anniversary of Demolition Man.  They built a theme restaurant modeled after the Taco Bell from the movie and I have to say…it was pretty delicious.  I never thought I would wait over 2 hours for Taco Bell before but that’s just what you have to expect at Comicon.


I mean check out this food, definitely the best crunchwrap experience I have had.  It was a four course meal and did I mention it was all free?!





The uniforms and decorations we’re all on point too.  They call everone “citizen”, the menus are hilarious, and there’s a machine that gives out tickets for cussing…I was caught a lot…




So, if you haven’t watched Demolition Man you should. You should also respect Taco Bell for this gimmick it was great. Lastly, go to Comicon.


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