The Food in Aruba is like Licking an Angel – My Reccomendations

I mean that title in the good way, not that licking an angel could possibly be bad.  So I’m going to list the best restaurants I ate at in Aruba last week with what I ate and also what I thought on it.  This is primarily in and around Oranjestad as well since we were pretty into whatever was walking distance from the hotel.  Everything on this list was great and I will recommend any of them.

The Old Fisherman – The Catch of the Day and the Shrimp Alfredo were great.  Though be aware as of this article the location has moved a few blocks from where most map apps have it placed.  I had to bribe a meth addict with 10 Aruban Florans to show me the way.  No joke.  Totally worth it though.


The West Deck – Decent beach view with some pretty lizards running around the deck.  The Jerk Chicken Wings and Fish Cakes were good but the standout to me was the hot sauce.  It had some solid kick.  Plus the drink presentation also made me happy, my Long Island was served in a tiny fishbowl…I love tourist gimmicks…


This lizard wanted my drink.

The Dutch Pancakehouse – The salmon pancake/crepe was the best I’ve had since Alaska and that is saying something.  We went for dinner but they brag about their breakfast which had a long line.  I say go whenever you want because your an adult and it’s your vacation.

Deilmar Peruvian Food – This may have been my overall favorite, the chicken with white sauce haunted me until the end of the trip and if we were going to repeat a place this would be it.  Stick with the chef special’s and the Peruvian style dishes and you won’t regret it.

Yemanja Woodfired Grill – The seafood medley was great and eating at the bar looking into the kitchen was a bold move but a lot of fun to watch.  Bartender also makes custom drinks which was helpful and they play food themed movies on the wall.  We watched Ratatouille.

Plaza Eufrosina – There is a stand in this plaza that has the best happy hour for cocktails at half price.  Cheapest drinks we found and the samosas were delicious.  Great break spot.

Cuba’s Cookin – It took awhile probably because we were the first ones there for lunch but this places Cuban comfort food was totally worth it.  The potatoes and chicken were great and it was one of the cheaper menus we experienced as well.

These were the standouts to us, however be warned the same way one of our taxi drivers warned us.  All the food in Aruba is good, you just have to search for the great.  I’ll concede all of these could have just been up to the good standard, and I may not have found the great, but that is just a testament to how good the food on this island is…



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