Rickshaw Run Himalayas Day 3 – Kickoff

So I have been in Shimla the last couple days and I am typing this up at about 4am from jetlag.  Shimla has been great but we will be off by 9am this morning and have a full day of driving and I am pretty excited.  My hope is we end up at hotels with internet at night where I can update everyone but that is likely a tall order so I guess I’ll just update when I can.  In the meantime here’s a few photos I snapped in Shimla yesterday in between getting chased by monkeys and gatherings by The Adventurist.  Yeah that did happen with the monkeys they tried to steal our corn…






So I was going to add a ton more photos but my internet situation is also not great and the uploads take forever so I’ll do a proper photo dump of Shimla later because trust me it needs it.

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