Morocco Monkey Run – 12 Hour Bus Ride

So as of yesterday the Monkey Run Morocco is finished and I’ll be recounting each day as quickly as possible.

The first part of the trip was a 12 hour bus ride from Marrakech to Mezouga where the starting line would be.  That isn’t ideal but you make the best of it.  Now on the bus ride we had a few Scottish gentleman that made the trip worth it.

On very few occasions have I felt I was completely out matched when it comes to drinking.  I mean I have been out drank often enough but rarely am I so dwarfed that I just don’t even try.  The first time was in Russia, the 2nd time was this bus ride.

The bus started at 10am.  By noon 1 bottle of schnapps, 1 bottle of Jaeger, and various shooters had been consumed. By 2pm, when we stopped at lunch, 2 more bottle had appeared and disappeared and the Scots were either singing or barely functional.  By 4pm one of them had passed out, woke up, and was back at it.  It was absolutely astounding. Like watching a solar eclipse or a baby deer being born.

They also elevated the mood of the bus, everyone was singing, taking some casual drinks, and working together to avoid letting the police see the bottles everywhere.  I’m pretty sure the bus driver quit.  Anyway, I’m only going to post 1 glorious video of the event because I think it sums it up well and trust me, watch it.

Drunk Scot on Bus.

At one point he passed out on me.


Don’t even get me started on the bathroom breaks…


When we got to Mezouga about 11pm.  They had drums and a whole show of it except it really just did not compare to the 11 hour show I had just witnessed.  It was profound.


Anyway, the next day we begin training…

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