Morocco Monkey Run – The Wrap Up

So I realized when I sat down to write another Monkey Run entry that I really didn’t need to.  The idea of the race has been thoroughly conveyed in the past posts and I feel now I can just offer a solid wrap up on it.  I know there was a ton of things I may write on later but for now I’m going to show some random photos and videos from the remainder of the trip so that I can finally get back to doing posts on some other trips.

This is what a tow truck on this trip looked like
Chilling in the only place with a bed within a 10km radius
Creating dreams for kids early on, much to the parents regret
Snapping photos along the way
We dressed up for the finish line…
Lots of strategically placed bike photos…

Well…that’s all Ican find without actually putting effort into a post and lord knows we don’t want that.  Very soon I’ll be heading back to the U.K. and also stopping in Portugal and I expect to get some good updates from that trip.  In the meantime I’m working on a side project and I need to reflect on what I am doing with my life…and yes I’ll find more pictures too…


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