Quick Post – Livraria Lello

So I’m way behind on updates especially for this trip.  However, I do have one point I’d like to bring up from my time in Porto a couple days ago.

Livraria Lello is a bookstore made famous by it’s aesthetics and connection to JK Rowling who said she got some Harry Potter inspiration from the store.  It’s a solid recipe for a quaint tourist stop. Except at some point it went away and became too popular for it’s own good.

There’s too many people.

Case in point.



The place is cool looking, and while the prices are high they aren’t ridiculous.  Except again, it’s too full.  People are packed in and taking photos in the high traffic spots and it is incredibly frustrating.  If you just want a couple photos you’ll have to wait until your photo spot clears out, which is a complete gamble.  If you want a book you won’t be able to move a lot to look around.

Overall I’m not trying to completely rag on this place, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.  Maybe there’s better times to visit and we just hit a bad moment and I’m way off.

One more crowded photo for the road, and a couple not crowded.




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