Doll’s Head Trail in Atlanta. Been a Weird Layover…

So as per my last post we had to spend the day in Atlanta as our flight to Boston was pushed to tomorrow.  Well as I’ve been to Atlanta a few times already we decided to find something a bit…stranger…

Just a little to the east of the airport in a wildlife conservation there’s a small trail called the Doll’s Head Trail where there’s some “exhibits” that walk the line of hilarious and creepy…


The rules seem to vary between “you may build your own structure” to “don’t you dare touch anything” and we stuck with the latter because I wasn’t sure if this was actually a tourist thing or an elaborate serial killer den.


Outside of the ridiculous humidity and my general distrust of being in nature it was a pretty good and easy excursion.  Bring bug spray though…

The phrases written everywhere alternate between hilarious puns and general life advice.

Metaphors abound…

Anyway, I did almost definitely get hit with a bit of poison ivy so I need to go deal with that.  This trip is going interestingly.

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