Quick Review – My Townhouse During Isolation

So, with my lack of ability to travel I am quite limited in my options of places to travel.  Due to such, I am limited to my townhouse patio, office, living room and bathroom.  Now, some of these spots are more interesting than others(patio, living room) and some of these you probably don’t want to hear about(bathroom).

So, the bulk of my time is spent in my living room, so I’ll give this location a 4 out of 5, mostly because we hooked up a VR which has been huge in allowing me to pretend I am in a different location.

Star Trek Bridge Crew is a gift from the Heavens btw.


I don’t think I can stress how nice it is to deprive your senses of a monotonous location and get a level of escapism and only coming out to grab your drink glass.

The only time the VR hasn’t gotten some level of use since this started is when there was a roughly 1 weeks shutdown of the living room area for me to play the Final Fantasy 7 Remake religiously.  Which was also a beautiful game.


I also used that giant sword to gardening

Nearby to the living room is a spot I am not allowed as my quarantine buddy has been building 5,000 piece puzzle that is larger than the table itself.  I am curious how that problem eventually gets addressed….

I’m seriously impressed by this.

Next up on my quick review is the patio area.  I have taken up to spending at least 45 min out here taking photos of bugs, staring at walkers, and drinking.  It has also been a key to my sanity.

My quarantine chair.
This one was trying to set up his own quarantine nest in my garden.  I forced it to isolate.

I also have oddly enough not stopped working and spend far too much time in my office.  This blog may quickly turn into more of a therapy outlet for me as I grow more insane.  On a more interesting note I did end up on a Zoom call with the original pink power ranger for her new movie Tammy’s Always Dying.  I definitely suggest it as well, was much better than even my higher expectations had.

Screenshot (212).png
Also yes, I was dressed like the Pink Ranger.

I’m also in the process of writing my own zoom based identity game, I’ll just release it on here when it is done, we had 1 play through last weekend and it went very well.

Screenshot (234).png

Anyway, back to patio time…will try to update more.  Stay safe, everyone.

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