Quick Update and Switching How I Sell Photos

So, I know my updates have been pretty far and inbetween these day.  Mostly this is because first and foremost this is meant as a travel blog and the current state with Covid basically has me grounded for a undetermined amount of time.  I don’t really want this page to devolve from its original intent of having pithy travel bits and possibly some new information from a lot of other travel blogs either.  That basically means that I’m essentially unable to update with anything substantial unless some small hikes and local parks of interest.  Though if this continues that may seem more appealing.

The light at the end of this tunnel is that I am planning several road trips over the next couple months and a gigantic, potentially 10 country tour in about 5-7 months if restrictions loosen.  So that’s neat-o.

Second update is how I sell photos.  I used to use Shutterstock but they have basically announced a plan that absolutely hoses all contributors and there isn’t really any good financial future there from my perspective.  As such I have started to sell my best photos on PicFair and it will take some time to get that library up but it has some of my favorites there now.  Please check it out here!

That’s basically it!  I hope to get something else out there soon as I am definitely a bit stir crazy!

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