Prepare Yourself for an Adventure:4 Trips to Take

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If you’ve never had an adventure vacation, it is high time you start. And there is never a better time to plan than now. While you always have to prepare for time away from home, active trips require a little more looking ahead. 

Team Strawberry Seahorses presents the top four adventures you can take by yourself or with friends and family along with tips on how to prepare your mind, body, and bag.

First, the Benefits

A vacation adventure can be the tonic you need to unplug from work and harried home life. As tough as it is for busy professionals to manage balancing work and their personal lives, time off provides the perfect antidote to the stressors of managing a business or staff and running a household. Also, while you’re on vacation, it’s important to leave work behind, where it belongs so you can fully enjoy your time away. Enter: the adventure vacation. Not only will you have time away to really unplug, but the activities you’ll encounter won’t leave time for checking emails or taking client calls. 

Once you wrap your brain around the benefits, it’s time to start planning!


Fishing can be wild or fishing can be mild. And when it comes to throwing a hook in the water, the most popular freshwater fishing styles are fly fishing and bait and hook. If you’ve never gone fly fishing before, make sure to hire an experienced guide who will not only show you the best places to catch trout and other river monsters but can also get you safely in and out of your fishing area. You also want to make sure that you have a fishing license and, if not provided, waders so that you aren’t getting waterlogged the entire trip. 


There’s not much physical conditioning involved with fishing, but when it comes to hiking, endurance will be key. According to Backpacker, this task requires strength, balance, and lots of training. You’ll also need to invest in equipment, which is dependent on the type of hike you plan to take. 

If it’s just a simple weekend trip, a backpack, minimal camping gear, and sturdy hiking boots can be enough. A longer expedition requires more preparation, and you’ll need to ensure that you can comfortably pack in water, food, a stove, and other necessities for your back-country excursion.

Mountain Biking

A mountain biking adventure is not the same thing as putting around the neighborhood on a 10-speed. Mountain biking requires agility, attention to detail, and plenty of protective equipment. On your very first mountain biking excursion, stick to small, well-traveled paths. This way, if you experience a mechanical failure or are injured in an accident, you have a better chance of being found sooner rather than later. 

You also need to remember to inspect your bike before you go and follow a few rules of the trail, such as lifting your butt off the seat when you hit a bump and setting your suspension before you pump the pedals.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting offers thrills for even the most adrenaline-addicted member of your traveling group. But, like other adventure trips, you can’t just hop into the water and expect an enjoyable experience. Raft Masters recommends choosing a licensed outfitter, always wearing a life jacket, and knowing how to hold the paddle properly.

Before you book your excursion, make sure to ask about the ease or difficulty of your preferred raft path. Some are more appropriate for families while others are geared more toward adults with an appetite for excitement. Be prepared to stay in the boat but also know how to swim to the edge of the water in the off chance you are tossed out. 

Adventure trips offer memories for a lifetime. And there are endless ways to experience the wonders of the world without simply lounging on a beach. So whether you want to fish, hike, bike, or speed down the whitewater of a fast-moving river, these trip ideas can help you get your blood flowing and your heart racing. Remember: preparation is the key no matter the adventure.

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