Quick Trip – New Years in Singapore

Today, I want to try something new. A type of post dedicated to very short, very entertaining trips. Basically, things you can do over a few days off.

I decided to take a trip for New Years and the phrase “go big or go home” was banging around my head. So I hopped on a plane and flew to Singapore. I landed a few days before New Years, so I took the opportunity to do some exploring and sightseeing.

I landed pretty early so, the first thing I hoofed it to was the old British fort. It is really cool and worth a visit. Just FYI, they really don’t like trespassing.

After a couple hours, I popped over to my hostel (https://goo.gl/maps/mWrZPjBZunK2) to check in. I wouldn’t recommend taking your significant other there on your honeymoon, but it fit all my requirements: bed, light, walls, cheap. I think I paid 10 USD a night for a dorm bed.

It is in a decent part of town and there is some pretty cool buildings in the area. I spent an entire afternoon just wandering around.

Now on to the main reason for the trip: New Year’s Eve. Sentosa Island is well known for their New Year’s Eve beach party. Me, being the unprepared schlub that I am didn’t purchase tickets ahead of time. Also, me being the idiotic schlub that I am, snuck in by paying some people leaving the party for their armbands. The bands were tight, so it took some effort, saliva, and dedication to get them. On a side note, Singapore is ridiculously strict, so I wouldn’t recommend this. Just buy your tickets ahead of time… or get there super early.

As I have pointed out in other posts, as I drink I forget to take pictures. So, above is all you get. It was a great time, though.

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