Speight’s Brewery Review – BEEEEEERRRR

Dunedin, New Zealand is a magical city with an oddity of sites such as a creepy Willy Wonka-like chocolate factory, a heart melting butterfly pavilion, and even the steepest neighborhood road in the world(so they claim).

It is steep though, I will give them that…the rental almost didn’t make it

All of these lovely sites are accented by the Speight’s Brewery located near the city center where you can take a lovely, sobriety optional tour for only 25 NZD.


The tour consists of a museum where you learn beer facts and history of Dunedin as well as how Speight’s got it’s start.  It is a pretty interesting story that they manage to incorporate Vikings into so obviously I enjoyed it.

Did you know that Vikings drank liquor?! FROM THE SKULLS OF THEIR ENEMIES!

Additionally, our tour guide looked almost exactly like the founder which was suspicious to say the least.

Fun fact: Speight’s is an elixir of immortality!

Our guide was awesome.  He clearly loved what he was doing and was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about basically everything beer related.  Plus we were the only ones on the tour so it almost felt like being walked around by a friend…whose name I don’t remember.

I’m gonna say Hank though, he reminds me of a Hank

Most of the brewery has been automated but they left a lot of the old pieces intact for the tour and historical context.  Beer seemed so difficult to make back in the day.

I love you too, beer
Some beer vats on the tour, many men died to bring us this technology
Some pretty lifelike dolls on the tour demonstrating the sort of labor that could use a good beer…at least I hope they were dolls…

And like most brewery tours they save the best for last.  The tasting room.


Basically it is of course meant to taste all their brews but it should be noted it is basically an all you can drink challenge for 30-40 minutes, and I can drink a lot in that time.

Especially when I’m allowed to pour…

The guide was a good sport with my shenanigans since he said he’s retired and does this for fun so it doesn’t matter to him and it’s not like they will run out of beer(not for lack of effort on my part).  Now, any tour that I can get tipsy for, learn fun history facts, AND get more drinks at the end of is a tour I will suggest for everyone.  The New Zealand Brewery scene is, overall, very active and this should be a prime spot for people visiting Dunedin.

Also I was drunk taking all these pictures if that’s not obvious…


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