Wellington, New Zealand Part 1: Oktoberfest, Tree Forts, and Hodor

New Zealand gave me a lot of great memories during my time there and one city bears a lot of the responsibility for that.  Wellington, New Zealand is a coastal city that seems to walk the line of large and small while having the perks of both.  We stopped in here twice during our trip and had a ton of different experiences.  In this first part on Wellington I’m going to go over 3 of the activities we managed to do in our first stay.

Oktoberfest in Wellington

The title of this I feel is pretty self explanatory.  Basically there is a fairly large tent set up in the pier area built to resemble the festival in Germany.


 Here is all the information you will need on it.  The experience was much like the real Oktoberfest in that there was traditional Bavarian dancing, music, and shouting….lots and lots of shouting.


It was a great time, we ended up passing out in the parking lot of the Te Papa Museum(which is a great museum by the way).  We ended up making friends that we still keep in touch with to this day.


Airbnb Tree Fort and the Waterfall Hike

When browsing Airbnbs near Wellington we came up with this awesome place.  Nice and simple indeed.

Heated outdoor bathtub also…

The bathrooms were in the house right next door so it was pretty convenient and plenty warm for sleeping.  It was also nearby Belmont Regional Park which contains a waterfall track hike that was a bit harder than it advertised but was a pretty satisfactory reward at the end and comes with a ton of great scenery.


Rave of Thrones

So apparently Kristian Narn, who plays Hodor in Game of Thrones is also a popular DJ.  When we were in Wellington his show titled Rave of Thrones was there and on a whim we decided to buy the tickets.


The show was really good and the venue was just small enough to feel like more of a local show.  I suggest checking the link above and attending if he passes through your neighborhood.  Spending the evening dancing while joining in chants of “Hold the Door” is a pretty good time.


This was only a small part of what we did in and around Wellington, in future pieces I will discuss more like the nearby town of Porirua, the go karting, dance lessons, and of course the food.

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