Welcome to my Nightmare – The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada

This is the conclusion to my roadtrip that started with brothels, ghosts, and general Nevada awkwardness.  We had finally arrived in Tonopah where we could stay in The Clown Motel.  I have previously written articles to describe my descent into madness from certain experiences but for this location I am going to try and just stick to objective, creepy facts.

First, I do not like clowns.  So this whole experience was a bit of an exercise in masochism.  Second, the Clown Motel is considered a highly haunted location if you believe in that sort of thing.  So overall you aren’t completely out of place to expect to see Pennywise wandering from room to room.

The city of Tonopah itself is actually pretty interesting.  It has its fair share of eccentric bars like the Bug Bar where we played a game of family feud.  For food we went to Tonopah Brewing Company and sampled their beer and BBQ.  It has a very old style midwest feel to the town and I definitely recommend a stopover for anyone driving through.

Now to the meat of it.

IMG_20170922_190523466 (1)

The Clown Motel is located on the edge of the town of course and it is obviously situated right next to an old cemetery where most people died from fire and plague.  Awesome.



The room rates are actually solid at just over $40 for the two of us.  The rooms themselves are clean if not slightly run down.  I’m not convinced that isn’t on purpose based on the hotel reputation.  The clown pictures do follow you with their eyes though…


The lobby has something like over 400 clowns in it that they have acquired straight from Hell(I assume).  And of course I bought a t-shirt from them.

The stay itself was actually comfortable as I had a few(7) beers earlier at the brewery so I had no worries about plague zombie clowns.  The sheets were clean and the front desk lady got my morbid humor.  My only true regret was not bringing a clown outfit to wear around and scare the other guests in.

This could have been me

Ghost Hunters did a special on this place too, but I wouldn’t put much faith in it.  If I ran a show called Moose Hunters and went 10 seasons without seeing a moose you’d think I was bad at my job, it’s the same thing here.  I asked if we could put together some kind of clown seance and they said for sure which is great except I was joking and only staying one night…so now I have a reason to go back though.

See you soon….

Overall the novelty of this place is pretty great but I would say they could use more creepy clowns(can’t believe I’m saying that).  Whoever ends up buying this place contact me, I have a ton of ideas.

Here’s a few more shots from around the place.

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