24 Hours in Tallinn

I’m going to apologize in advance for this article.  It won’t go into the depth and thoroughness that Tallinn deserves in a post because simply I had too much to drink on the boat ride over and didn’t take enough pictures.

From boat to boat, 24 hours in Tallinn can be a bit of a roller coaster.  My recommendation is to start in Helsinki then book a roughly 3 hour ferry ride over to Tallinn.  The reason for this is because the “boat culture” is where the experience really gets started.

For some stupid drunk reason this is the only picture I have from the boat

The ferry has roughly four bars complete with dancing, special cocktails, and karaoke.  I won’t lie to you I had drank enough before even getting to port.  The port itself is fairly close to the medieval area and a good walk to attempt to sober up a bit on.

Gate in the medieval area

The fist place we stopped at was the liquor store.  The Second place was to get food.  The restaurant was called Lusikas which means “spoon” in English and “spooning” in Finnish, which give very different feelings to me.  They served bear which was delicious and the waitress was stone cold to my terrible foreign humor.  I did not help America’s reputation that day my friends, I’m sorry.

It was far classier than me

The next stop was the Shamrock Pub which seemed to be built right into a wall.  We rocked some karaoke there and made some new friends.  That country takes its karaoke pretty seriously but it seems to be based more solely on confidence so get on up there.  There will always be someone worse.


After this, we had a lively discussion with a stripper at Borsi, where they gave us weird fake paper money and I tried my moves on the pole.  We walked into this place thinking it was a regular bar/club, the location was pretty non-distinct but it became pretty evident when we got in but it was almost empty and we wanted to sit for a few minutes.   There is nothing more I wish to discuss on that…

Building in the main square area

For a second food stop we went to Gloria Wine Cellar which is a really cool restaurant built into what I assume was either a big bomb shelter or a large wine cellar.  Either way I loved the aesthetic and the food was great.

Also if anyone could explain this joke to me it was on their bathroom wall…


Walking around the medieval portion of Tallinn is a lovely experience.  Every street and corner is picturesque.

There was a posing opportunity here, but I skipped it because it was too easy

We ended up sleeping the majority of the ferry ride back because it was necessary.

Tallinn is a lovely city with friendly people and I feel bad for this post because I simply can’t write any more because I simply don’t remember it well enough.  What I do remember is I had an amazing time and would love to go back.  Be careful on that ferry over, it can sneak up on you.







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