Quick Review – Prison Hotel in Helsinki

This is the 3rd entry I’ve made on my trip to Helsinki.  Please check out the first two here on the Teddy Bear Museum and Suomenlinna Island.

Hotel Katajanokka or as it is easier to type into Google, the prison hotel.  This place got it’s name from (obviously)being an old prison converted to a hotel.  The aesthetic is definitely present.

From my room you could view the wall surrounding the hotel.  It was the most comfortable prison I could imagine.


I have to say I loved this place.  The look was great and as far as nicer hotels in Helsinki it was one of the more affordable ones at about 100 Euro per night for a single room in a comfy “cell.”

The best part of this place is definitely the restaurant in the basement, it was one of the best meals I ate on the trip.  So good I ordered two plates.  Breakfast was also complimentary and equally delicious.


This hotels location is also very convenient.  Very close to the main pier area and Uspenski Cathedral.  Though Helsinki is a very walkable city I’d say don’t worry about location too terribly.

ooooo pretty

Overall, a great hotel experience and definitely the favorite spot I stayed in on that trip.


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