Carolina Reapers, Drag Queens, and Ninjas – A Guide to an Epic Night in New York City

Early October this year I was in New York City for a Comic Con…yea I seem to go to a lot of those I know.  However while I was there I ended up have a night that I will remember for a long time because of the just general absurdity that ended up happening.  I’m going to take you on a stop by stop tour of that evening.

1. The Phaal Challenge.


The first stop we made that night was to the Brick Lane Curry House for some dinner.  I chose this place because they have a spicy curry challenge that blows everything out of the water.  It uses the now infamous Carolina Reapers to turn your mouth into a tender volcano.  Here’s a video of some of my attempt at this curry.

My pain can be watched here

Besides the searing mouth pain the rest of the food was really delicious.  Plus I drank so many beers to wash down the Phaal curry that I was alrady feeling great and ready for stop number 2.

2. Cookie Shots


Next stop was for some desert to get rid of the spicy, lingering pain.  We hit up the Dominique Ansel Bakery for some cookie shots.  It was one of the most amazing things I have put inside my mouth(lotta jokes there I get it but in this case it is definitely worth it).


The bakery has a couple more famous signature dishes but you will have to line up much earlier and wait for much longer(hours even) to get some of those.  With my blood sugar in the right spot it was time for destination number 3 and dinner number 2.

3. Ninjas

the best ninjas aren’t seen…

In case some people need a more intense, on edge dining experience there is Ninja New York where we went for a second meal.  The gimmick of this place is everyone is dressed like a ninja and they try and surprise you constantly throughout the meal.  Additionally, some of the meals come with shows that range from magic to fireworks.  We ordered the food castle, which really was pretty literal.


Another perk is the servers are super supportive of our bad drinking choices.

Sake Bombs at Ninja New York

So at this point we have had our mouths scorched, cookie glassware, and ninja attacks so the only next logical step for the night was margaritas.

4.  Margaritas and whips


The next stop was the Trailer Park Lounge which is known for it’s margaritas and interesting decor.

I mean you gotta have a trailer or the name is a lie

We ordered a few pitchers and I learned about the S&M scene in New York from our booth neighbors.  That may be something to try on the next weekend trip out there.  The margaritas were amazing and the people more so.


The night however was still young and we had to dance off these meals.  By the time we left, this was how we felt.

Too many Margs

It was time to take things to the next level.

5. Drag Show and Dancing


The next stop was Bottom’s Up which is apparently known for being too loud and owned by a mobster’s son.

Walkway to the bathroom…

One of the girl’s accompanying me on this night worked as a singer in this bar and recommended it and I’m super glad she did.  The show was hilarious and involved, the dancing afterwards was basically professional level, and if I didn’t get a drink spilled on me I probably would have been going all night.


I have endless pictures of dancing, but I think this video of one of us trying kung fu dance moves is probably the best.

Kung Fu dance?

Anyway when it was all said and done it was time for a late night 3am stroll back to bed.  You know the night is good when you only sleep because you should, not because you want to.  This was an amazing night and I suggest all of these places to anybody.

Honorable mention as well to Burke and Willis where we went the next day to eat a kangaroo.  No Joke.

Kangaroo Burger

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