I’m Feeling Lazy – So Here’s Pictures Taken of Me Drunk on Vacation…Part 1?

I got a ton of drafted stories but some days the motivation just isn’t there.  So in the meantime whilst I search for the encouragement here’s photos either taken of me while I’m drunk or me thinking I’m super artistic and trying to take photos drunk.  Oh yes, this will likely be a continual series.

Met a couple sumo wrestles in Osaka after a solid amount of drinks while wearing a bunny hat.
Cooking buffalo tongue and drinking the local moonshine.  Fun fact after this meal I don’t remember even getting to the airport.

Read more about this meal here.

From Holi Festival in Kathmandu last March…oh man I need to discuss that experience more
Problem being I don’t remember the last 20 percent of the day
This one is from the Ninja Restaurant in NYC…solid sake bombs

Wrote about that night here.

Reunited with old college buddy in San Francisco

Expensive as that city is, it is very fun.  Here’s the write up I had on it.

In Helsinki, Finland my Airbnb was an old boat and I was the only one there.  I pregamed then went to karaoke.  No excuses, play like a champ.

I really should do more on Helsinki, closest I have now is this piece on Suomenlinna. And also this review of the Prison Hotel.

Oh right! Also the Teddy Bear Museum!

Ah, a rare photo of me catching a ride back to CERN on the back of a bike while drunk in France.  

From my time at CERN I did a post on their underground tunnels, it was one of my favorites.

Well that gives me enough to introspect about and consider my life choices….shut up, liver.

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