Kathmandu Cooking Class – Eating Brains, Eyeballs, Tongue, and Spinal Column

If you’re looking for something ridiculously cultural and definitely a memorable food experience I suggest this Kathmandu Fear Factor Eating Challenge. It’s basically a rough cooking class walking you through prep of 7 buffalo organs of your choice.  Here is a video of our whole experience to check out because the visuals really help…

Honestly by the end of it most of the dishes looked pretty decent and went down just fine.

I mean it doesn’t look that bad, right?

The only one that was at all difficult was the eyeball, it was too chewy and I almost lost it trying to swallow it.  The highlight for me was their homemade moonshine liquor, everything was edible with that.

Things got a bit blurry after a few servings of it though…

Here’s a few more pictures of the food, but I encourage you to check out the video above to get a better idea…

Eyes and spine.  Spine tasted like tofu, eyes tasted like chewy farts

Alright folks, just writing the article is doing some weird things to my body so I’m gonna call it.  I loved doing this and it only cost $23 USD so it is absolutely worth doing it.  The host is amazing and we learned he does it out of passion for cooking so he tries very hard so if you do this, eat as much as you can.

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