Casa Bonita – The Palace Of Dreams and Bowel Movements

Since Denver is my hometown I have a bit of hesitation using any location here in a travel blog.  Then I figured that’s a ridiculous notion and I want people to visit and it will help me convince myself I live in a cool place.  That brings me to one of our most famous and magical sites and also useful for bowel cleansing.  Casa Bonita.

I also like that it’s next to a Dollar Tree

This “restaurant” was always a staple to locals and I had at least one birthday party there growing up and I tend to go back once every five or so years when my body has completely forgotten what the food does.  It gained national, and possible international, recognition when South Park did an episode about it.  That episode is basically a documentary on the place as someone who has been there at least 8 times.

Half the people in this photo are dead now

As a child who has the digestive system of a child you don’t notice the food and love the entire restaurant.  Then from about 16-25 you forget about the place unless your out of town friends want to go and you convince them that’s a dumb idea.  And now, in my old age, I find it campy fun to go and attempt the food while drinking as many margaritas as possible while we time who has to go to the bathroom first.

They show off this very clean/oddly unused kitchen while you wait in line

Credit where it is due though, as of 2016 Casa Bonita has been scoring much higher on their food prep scores.  That isn’t to say the food is good(it isn’t) but rather you have less to fear.  To be fair though I don’t want the food to be good, it is part of the Casa Bonita experience.  Plus the lines to get in are long enough anyway I can’t imagine what would happen if the food got better.

I mean it’s basically cafeteria style food anyway and you HAVE to buy a meal to get in.  I mean they make you buy it, like it’s your entry fee.
The building design/facade is really awesome, can’t make a sarcastic comment there

In the 30 years of my life the shows have been the exact same, the mariachis play the same songs, Black Bart’s Cave keeps shrinking every year, and buying light up lightsabers is still awesome.  The place is a walking tongue in cheek remark really and I do love it.

Me being cool outside Black Bart’s Cave
It’s like being in Mexico, but sarcastically

So, come visit Denver, see Casa Bonita, and leave your next day wide open!

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