Throwback Friday…Freeform Friday…Foldback? Whatever it’s Called Here’s Some Old Photos of Travels and Stuff

My lazy level is pretty high right now but let’s do this, reflections on some past travels to make me feel old! Let’s do this! There is no theme and it’s completely random!

In Colorado there’s a weekend festival where you all gather to celebrate a guy who froze himself.  One activity isn’t jump into freezing water in costume.  I was Cthulhu.



Mongol Rally 2015, my best friend
This is Bonerfart, my side project that will one day be used for an undisclosed adventure I hope…
Gang of Elivises…Elvi? In Tokyo, I’ll find the video of them dancing sometime.

That’s enough right?  All covered?  Yea it’s Friday, get out of here you kids.

Drunk on beach in Hawaii like 7 years ago.  Ugh.

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