Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo – Best Jetlag Activity Ever

The jetlag when flying to and from Asia and the USA is the worst and a lot of times you have to pad your trip to make up for it.  Now, what if I told you there was an activity you could do that both worked with your jetlag, was free, and was also delicious?  Put your pants back on because I’m talking about Tsukiji Fish Market! Every day at about 5:00 am they let the first 60ish people in, for free, for a tour.  We got there closer to 3:00 am due to jetlag and made friends with people suffering the same problem and we were some of the first in line.

They give you bright green vests, you get to see a tuna auction, get a walk through of the outside market, then free reign to try one of the fresh cuisine in various restaurants located right by/in the market.  Some have really long lines and others are just walk-ins, all are definitely using the freshest possible ingredients.

And here’s a few photos of the experience!

The waiting area could use some chairs…
Some big tuna
Auction prep
Market area sushi restaurant
Where we ate, super friendly chefs

I can’t stress how interesting this activity was and add to that the tour is actually free too so it works perfectly with early risers/jetlag.  Put this on the must-do list in Tokyo especially when you are groggy and confused!

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