Question: How Do I Interact With a Furry When I Have a Ton of Private Questions?

This is a question that came up this last weekend.  I was at JordanCon in Atlanta and I encountered a furry.  If you aren’t sure what that is just google it with safe search off for a good time.  However,  media has portrayed that culture through a bit of a lens and I have so many questions.  When I was in New York and had a long drunken talk with a mistress in the BDSM world I found it fascinating and I’m interested in a similar discourse with a furry.  Now, even though I see furries at the conventions I go to I have never been sure how to approach them for a solid(likely drunk) Q&A.  Do I ask them for a drink?  Do I hand them a shot poured into a doggy dish?

After I managed to get the liquid courage to ask for a photo…

This is more a rumination, if I don’t hear any advice I will try different approaches and update on what works…for better or worse.  I also mean no offense to anyone on this and offer no judgments.  My humor is to cover my social awkwardness and I expect the same when I openly discuss my fetish for Anthony Hopkins lookalikes.

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