South Korea was a bust, but it’s OK! I got to fondle a whale shark instead!

So first, I haven’t made a post in awhile because I was expecting my trip to South Korea to fill a bunch of content. However, as it happened I was only in Korea for about 24 hours.

Now there’s definitely an amazing story there mostly involving me getting drugged and handcuffed but I need to figure out the proper ways to embellish it first. However, now that I have recovered I can say I got good stuff coming.

In the meantime I had my annual trip out to Atlanta for Jordancon and finally managed to book a snorkel with the Whale Sharks!

Let me say it was totally worth it! It’s a costly experience at $250 but my God, if a whale shark wanted to murder me it absolutely could. These things pass right up by you and I got slapped in the face by one of their fins and loved it.

The only downside is they don’t let you use your own camera and are relegated to the video they give you at the end, which is also like 30% stock footage not even of your swim. So that’s not great.

I wouldn’t let that discourage it though, as far as the actual whale shark experience goes, hard to top. I’ve seam with them in the wild and your time there is pretty limited. With this you are in that tank like 45 minutes. Plus they will let you get in after a few beers, so I’ve heard.

Anyway, here’s photos of that taken from their video, which you also have to pay extra for…

I will end with saying these images do not show how close these things got. Yes I touched them and yes it awoken something in me.

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