Kea Birds are the Natural Predator to Rental Cars

Anyone that has been following me on the gram knows my absolute favorite part about New Zealand was Milford Sound and specifically the birds native only to there. They are called Kea and they are Alpine Parrots which is a very dope term. They are said to be as smart as 3 to 5 year old children and have been monitored doing coordinated activities and more likely, elaborate plans to steal food from your vehicle.

You see, in most pull-off locations on the drive into Milford Sound, you will see at least one of these gigantic parrots. They will likely get close to your car and very even possibly start to pull apart the lining on your vehicle. In fact, some rental companies won’t even rent a car to you if you say you are going to Milford Sound for that very reason. These birds will crawl about your vehicle, even make a quick trip inside it if you are not careful, steal all your delicious treats. Here is a paper I found in a public toilet that I don’t doubt has a ton more Kea facts.

And here is a video of a Kea tormenting my vehicle.

So I hope this brief explanation of the world’s coolest bird was adequate and you immediately agree that they are the best. Also, don’t feed them.

Make sure your rentals have Kea Protection

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