Rickshaw Run Finale – That Time I Angered A Literal King

And then we came to the end, but we certainly went out with a bang.  Also just in time for the royal baby which we obviously planned…

In our last post, we had left Ahmendabad and were coming up to the final stop in Jaisalmer.  The in-between parts were mostly filled with sketchy restaurants and debatable hotels so I feel it is appropriate to skip right to the finale(there’s a joke about my love life there so lets also skip that). Also start at the beginning of this quest here.

After getting solidly lost in Jaisalmer and Dhruv having to ask for a ton of guidance we made it to the finish line.

Now, this location is also the palace of the King of Jaisalmer, who is a real person.  He allows the Rickshaw Run people to stay there for some unspoken bargain(he likes to hit on the foreign ladies), and is also apparently kind of a prick.  All of this ties to the title of the post as well and I will be referring back to it like the writing genius I am…

And a lovely palace it was.
Our room was solid, yea that’s me floor posing

Anyway, the things worth mentioning now…

We were the first team to finish.  Now we are a little shamed by this but is was by design to check out Jaisalmer longer.  It’s an amazing city that I’ll do a separate post on.  We spent the next several days drinking on the rooftop of the palace, exploring the city, and even fit in one excursion to the desert.

Me while exploring Jaisalmer and trying to teach a local Patty Cake.  Did not go well.

However, these are not the stories I wish to share now.

Rooftop beers

On our final night in Jaisalmer there was last party of the Rickshaw Run and The Adventurists do throw solid parties.  Things started out normal enough, a little bit of drinking, a little bit of dancing.  Some stories were swapped and it was shaping to be a lovely evening.  Eric and Dhruv called it a night as our ride to Delhi was picking us up fairly early so I left the responsible choices to them.

A shot of our rickshaw from the roof…the only one to have arrived yet

I ended up falling in with the wrong crowd(by that I mean younger) and things get a bit blurry.  I will now go through each event briefly and not necessarily in order and summarize with what ended up happening as a result of these actions.

First, I was very drunk/dancing.  This is a given.  Except now the King had arrived.  The party coordinator said to just not talk to him unless he approaches you under any circumstances.  So the first thing I do is go up and try to talk to him.  He is dismissive of me and yes, a bit of a dick but I tell him nice party and shake his had, which he scoffed at.

After he walked away I reached behind the nearby bar and stole some wine, which his aids saw and pointed out to him as I ninja danced away.

I drank said wine on the dance floor causing a small mess.

I went to the roof overlooking the party to drink with some friends and we(and by “we” I mean “I”) dropped the wine bottle and it shattered on the ground.  Yes the king saw this happen too.

The king asked to DJ for the dancers at one point and he was not a good DJ so I started a “you suck” chant.  He did not like that, especially since this was just after he was rejected by a foreign Rickshaw Runner lady in a very public fashion.

His aids came up to me and asked me to leave but I convinced them to take selfies with me and drink from another stolen bottle of wine.  We ended up friends.

I was eventually sneakily removed from the party by some other Rickshaw Runners and we proceeded to drunkenly navigate the castle while a small posse of the kings escorts searched for me.

I ended up back in these other Rickshaw Runners room and kept the party going until the coast was clear and I sneaked back to my room in a horse mask because they wouldn’t recognize me in that…

I hid on the roof at one point and also snapped this, worth it.

Other events of the night include continually waking up Dhruv and Eric by letting people into the room to jump on the beds.

That event was captured on camera once…

Sketchy needle piercings(yea that was dumb).

Trying to put on a siri, it did not fit…

A lot of this info was relayed to me the next morning as I was very slow to wake up for our ride out of town.  Needless to say I do not think I am invited back but you know, those 1 percenters bounce back just fine and if even for one night I posed a problem he couldn’t “hand wave” away I consider it a solid experience and I get to say I legitimately angered a king and nothing of consequence came of it(I do actually feel pretty bad about it though deep down)…I hope he doesn’t read this…

Packing the next morning…but really it was like 2 hours from when I got back to the room ugh…cool party outfit though



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