Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base – They Don’t Leave Much to the Imagination Regarding Panda Insemination…

I’m surprised I didn’t finish this post earlier but my personal regrets should not weigh on you, dear reader.  Anyway this is another post on my trip to Chengdu, China earlier this year and a follow up to this post.


For every tinge of animal tourism regret that last post gives me, this place swings the other direction.  Besides essentially being just a zoo for pandas, the Giant Panda Research Base gives me no inclination of exploitation.  The pandas all seemed incredibly satisfied, there was no “take a photo with a panda” or anything to make your head tilt  and think “ehhh.”  This place had one mission, help breed healthy pandas and educate people about these giant, useless creatures.  And in this process you see a ton of pics of panda dong and vagina.  No, I don’t have any photos of that, you pervs.

Yea you like that?

There’s a private building to view the babies, they were doing exactly what you would expect baby pandas to do and just be really, upsettingly adorable.

I dare you not to get emotionally involved in that baby pandas struggle.  Even the mid/teen aged ones were playing around a lot.

The older pandas seems to basically be content just eating all day, so really panda lives mirror our own very well…

Watching them eat was weirdly hypnotic…

There was also a ton of red panda spaces, which aren’t related to pandas BUT ARE WAY CUTER, FIGHT ME!
hnnnnng cuddle time

This spot was incredibly educational, I learned a lot, saw a few photos that will be forever burned into my mind, and left slightly more optimistic about pandas I suppose.

Hello there, spirit animal/life metaphor
Photo Op
All the paths were overgrown with bamboo, it is aesthetically pleasing to me.
Daww they play fight too.
Yea, I fuckin see you too

Honestly, the only thing about this place that wasn’t a step higher than the other panda rescue I visited was that this one did not serve Panda Wine…which is a pretty big downside

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Final note: I never thought I’d get to use “insemination” as a tag in WordPress, oh how far I’ve come.

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