Midnight Stroll Through Jinli Streets in Chengdu

Chengdu, China is a city know for pandas and hot pot though not necessarily in that order.  Though one of its other draws is an interesting little area that is lit by lanterns and distinguishable by some old architecture styled building.  Due to jetlag one evening we found ourselves walking around this place after midnight when the shops were closed, all the tourists had gone home and the only things left were several small bars and cosplayers who have to come out late for photos because this is the only time to get tourist free pictures.  Here is a photo walkthrough of that experience.

Hanging lights near the entrance
Cosplayer looking to get night photos without tourists
Green lights in the trees
Couple closed down bars
There was a bar opened on the upper level of this building playing live music, we stayed there for a bit for some liars dice.
It was a nice bar, looks like it’s primarily a cafe during the day.

And a few more street views and hanging lights.  This whole area is very beautiful to walk around at night.  At this point I have no interest in going back during the day with the tons of people that must be around.

More empty roads
Darker alleys of closed up shops
It wouldn’t be China without some mascots though…

We did eventually find and active bar that seemed to be doing a concert mixed with live karaoke.  Everyone was super friendly and the bartender bought us shots after I told him I had been to his hometown of Kochi.  There is also a hand gesture drinking game that reminds me of rock/paper/scissors that people were playing and if anyone could explain it to me I’d be pretty happy.



Fun fact, this guy had to be carried out.

I’m not sure if it was the jetlag or if this area was as cool as I thought(or the fair amount of drinks we had while there) but I definitely recommend Jinli streets to everyone but particularly at night.  It just seems the character comes out more when the lanterns are on.

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