Nepal Needs More Time…I Mean I Need More Time Here… Something Like That

This is a statement of fact.  Usually one week in a city is plenty of time to get a feel of it for a traveler and move on.  Sometimes even less in cases like Doha.  I’m coming up on a week in Kathmandu and there’s just so much more I want to do.  I didn’t get to any suspension bridges or do much with Everest.  The average travel time I’m hearing from others here is at least one month.


I mean I did nearly everything I set off to do but I’m already planning my next trip out here as, besides Chitwan, I didn’t manage to get to any other cities.

Anyway enough ranting.

Let this position serve as a warning to those visiting here, you’ll need more time.  Also here’s some pics from the last 48 hours of our flight, food, and views.  More to come after Holi…








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