Ever want duel citizenship? Well how much do you like the cold…?

If you are like me you have some deep seated jealousy towards people that manage to get duel citizenship.  It’s like the best of both worlds, if one passport isn’t up to snuff just switch it out.  Additionally, the amount of work it would take to get duel citizenship for people not born lucky is pretty big, especially for someone like myself that doesn’t want to put much more effort into it than a couple paragraph email.  Well…I just found the perfect solution!


Never heard of it?  Well you will now.  It’s a micronation in the north of Sweden that boasts some sweet sites such as “seal bones that may still be there” and some driftwood sculptures.  I know I may seem sarcastic but I’m totally onboard with this.  And just check out the driftwood sculptures…I’m already planning a trip.

That’s a solid view

The best part?  You can apply for citizenship via email with a one page form.  It is free unless you feel like becoming a noble citizen…which is probably worth it if you are going to this effort already anyway.  About the same effort it took for me to get ordained.  Well, I’ll see you soon all you future fellow citizens and I thank my drunk board game friends for bringing this glorious place to my attention.  I hope the fact I applied drunk isn’t held against me…

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