Kathmandu Roundup and Our Unwanted, Gross Passenger

Warning for possible gross pics…

So my latest trip to Nepal has ended and I’m typing this up from the Urgent Care Center in the Chicago Airport.

I should probably elaborate, Meghan came back from Nepal…but not alone(kinda gross pics).


That’s a tick we named Holi she brought back and we noticed on the flight home.  After 5 minutes of research it turns out that’s a common thing out there.  I’m also not dismissing a very elaborate marketing plan by Amazon for their show either.  Here he is post extraction.


He was a fat bugger.  Meghan wouldn’t let me pull it out because I was drunk on local moonshine all morning because I had to eat buffalo brains(another great story I’ll tell soon).



Anyway, also worth noting if you are flying from the Middle East direct to the USA the security is intense.  Never had to separate all my electronics into a separate containment bag.


Anyway it wasn’t all bugs and security.  Nepal is gonna produce a good amount of interesting topics like cooking, elephant riding morality, and especially Holi festival.  I’ll start them tomorrow after I crash for about 20 hours. Here’s some mellow photos from Chitwan Park if that tick is still on your mind.




UPDATE!  I had a tick too…it was in an awkward spot and there will be no pictures.  Take from that what you will.  Time to burn all my clothes…

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