2 Weeks From Rickshaw Run – A Look Back at Past Stupid Adventures

In 2 weeks I will be driving across the Himalayas in a rickshaw because I guess that seems like a good idea.  Then less than a month after that I will be driving across Morocco on a monkey bike, so feel free to question my travel decisions anytime.

However it will be for charity so if you get a chance check out our donation page.  None of the funds go to us, it all goes to feeding kids.

Anyway this seemed like a good time to revisit past ridiculous trips with my cold, jaded future eyes.  Let’s go waaaaay back to 2015 and the Mongol Rally, the race that started it all.  Here is the first link to that epic roadtrip cluster kerfuffleAnd Part 2And Part 3.  The basic premise of that trip is to drive from London to Mongolia in the worst car possible.  Ours was a 1998 Skoda, so we nailed the crappy car aspect.  It was a trip rife with breakdowns, drinking, corrupt cops, and camels.  Here’s a more detailed story on one of my favorite incidents.  All my favorite things really.  I’m also working on a post about dealing with corrupt cops where I learned most of those facts from this trip.  Here’s a few trip photo highlights.






Trying to convince corrupt cops I’m Batman





That’s just a taste, have a look at the full stories, it’s pretty nuts…

The 2nd trip worth revisiting is the original Rickshaw Run, but I won’t go into too many details there since we just finished writing the final part of that story not too long ago.  Here’s the story start and a few highlight photos.







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