Driving Monster Trucks in Indiana

I’m a believer that every state in America has something weird to offer, and I plan to find out what those are.  In one of my first attempts at finding the uniquely fun I was introduced to a place in Franklin Indiana called Radical Racing Monster Truck Driving School.  From the name I think you can assume where this is going…


The cost is pretty high but it comes with likely an all day experience with Don Royalty the owner, who is a character that is hard to describe, his wife, and his own personal moonshine.

Here we are walking the course with Don, pretty laid back guy.  Apologies for vertical video.

Now my only regret is I didn’t seem to get the air I wanted on some of those jumps because when your inside the truck it feels like you just flew 20 feet into the air so the videos were a bit underwhelming.  However, now that I know this I can be sure to not go easy the next time.  Of course there will be a next time.  IMG_20171014_152150723

Don is patient with the lessons on driving and you will learn some strange expressions.  My personal favorite is “You look more nervous than a dog shitting razor blades”  which I likely was.  This thing is loud, fast, and has the torque to send you back to 3rd grade.  Here is a video my buddy threw together of the experience over drinks.  The donuts on these are pretty intense.

The course itself has plenty of jumps and if you hit that car crush at any speed you get pretty rocked I’ll tell you what now.  I revert to becoming Hank Hill when I think of this whole experience.  Don’t worry too much though, the safety equipment is pretty solid but if you any sort of back or neck problems this probably isn’t the activity for you.

The logic was if it was hard to breathe then you were strapped down tight enough.

Here’s a bit of the whiplash you can experience.  It is noticeable.

The only downside of this experience is we did break the truck and had to sit for awhile, but there is a comfortable lounge area and beverages of all types are provided while repairs are underway.

There’s also a puppy.  So you literally get Monster Trucks, Puppies, and Moonshine.  This place sells itself.

This is a backyard operation so patience and acknowledgment of the fact that this is just a couple people trying to provide a ridiculous experience. So sit back and enjoy the ride so to speak.

Photo Oct 14, 5 35 11 PM
Also bring costumes for great photo ops.
And Rock On.

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