Iceland all in my mouth

Throwback Thursday to one of my first posts…I hadn’t figured out short but sweet yet

Team Strawberry Seahorses

17362621_890834808341_6103898237075334598_n.jpg What does this look like to you?

First things first, Iceland is such a beautiful country and Reykjavik has quickly moved very high on my list of cities worth seeing.  The people are friendly, it’s small enough to get around easily, and when I lost my phone it was returned 4 days later with bonus nudes uploaded.  The only downside to Iceland I would say is the cost but it becomes more manageable once you get away from Reykjavik.  That being said, I’d like to discuss the food…


Right in the center there…that’s the fermented shark cubes aka Hákarl.  Apparently the Greenland shark is naturally toxic to humans to eat because it never actually urinates and its waste is filtered into its blood.  In order to become edible it must be buried for roughly 3-4 months and then hung to dry for a few weeks.  I don’t know which poor…

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