An Update – I’m Getting Propaganda Translated and My Trips Keep Getting Cancelled…so…a Mixed Bag

The featured photo is from a photoshoot I recently did while bored, much like this post.

I just received word officially that the trip I was planning in April to Cameroon has been cancelled due to potential Civil War.  I mean I will grant that is a solid reason and I will keep that in my back pocket as the best excuse I have had for a skipping a trip ever but still.  The host that we would have been meeting up with is nervous about upcoming elections and if he isn’t 100% comfortable, then there’s no trip and I understand.  It’s still a bummer because this was a trip I was probably most looking forward to this year.

Here’s a link to the organization we were doing the trip with.

This news came well after I found out the Ngalawa Cup this year was cancelled after I went to so much effort to actually learn sailing.  I’m still a terrible sailor but I have learned all the weird, non-intuitive names that boats have for things.

Attempting to learn to sail in San Francisco.  I was not good.

Also had to cancel/postpone trips to South Africa and Kenya for a trip with my Dad in June/July.  I’m not terribly upset about that because that will be a good trip but it fits with the narrative I’m trying to build here where only my trips to Africa get canned.

On a different note I’m working with someone I found on Craigslist to translate some North Korean propaganda that I got in Shanghai.  I made the mistake of assuming it was in Korean and the translator pointed out it was Chinese characters which should really be obvious considering I got it in Shanghai.


Propaganda nobody can read isn’t terribly effective.  This could all be a waste though if it’s something terribly boring but fingers crossed.

I feel there’s potential there though…

Also in a few weeks I head to Kathmandu for the Holi Festival.  I plan to wear a white suite and will be meeting up with Eric.  I expect that to be a little nuts.

Well that’s the brief update, I should have the propaganda translated and up sometime next week and more China photos coming on Monday.  Eric should have the latest Rickshaw Run part as well.

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