Throwback Thursday – Photos of My First Trip to London

This post is an exercise in embarrassment and reflection.  Ever look back at photos of yourself with confusion and anger sprinkled in with a bit of humor?  Well I found my old photos from my first trip abroad when I was just a wee undergraduate who had to try his best to look ambivalent in all his photos because I heard girls like that.

nipple 132.jpg
It didn’t go great…

Anyway…London and all the U.K. is really the perfect stepping stone to more travel for people from the USA.  The culture is different but the language is the same and things aren’t so foreign that people really ever need to do more than dip a toe outside their comfort zone.

nipple 059
Plus there’s comfort in the fact everyone is also a tourist.  You can tell by the shorts.  Those aren’t big in London.
I also recommend getting outside of London, the English countryside is amazing even if 21 year old me didn’t realize it enough.

One thing I will say that’s a bit overrated is Stonehenge.  You can’t get that close to it and it honestly isn’t that interesting.  It’s more of just a checklist item.

On of my biggest regrets is not staging some amazing photos with the guard though.  That was a missed opportunity.

Also it was my first experience with architecture from before the 1960s.  I was not a well traveled youngin.  While I was not a good photographer by any means(not that I am now) this trip definitely sparked my interest in starting to make the most of of each shot.  Later on I learned the more pictures the better.

Here’s a series of photos of me trying to look cool in the London Tower.  Yes, I know I did not look cool, yes I needed a haircut(still do), and most importantly the London Tower is definitely worth the entrance fee.  It is the tourist site I recommend the most in London probably because I get big history…urges…

Ugh, I was adorable in a naive, Scooby-Doo way.  Here’s some more shots to distract you from the last pictures.

nipple 100


Likely these are all variations on photos you have seen tons of times before and better but they are still timeless staples to visiting London.  I bet anyone that has visited London over 10 times still will snap a shot of Big Ben or the bridges now and then because they are travel archetypes.

For me personally it was a great bonding trip for my dad and me.  It was also his first time abroad so we were experiencing this together.  I also learned a few key things such as the art of not planning too much and my father and I can’t spent 2 weeks together without some series arguments.

If Trump was president when this picture was taken we would likely both be bleeding.

Well that’s it I suppose.  I’m not even sure whether this post was meant to be informative, therapeutic, or just a random memory exercise for me but I hope it functioned at the very least as mildly interesting for you.  I need to work on my post planning.



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