When your hobbies are travel and movies long flights can suck

I spent a lot of today debating what to write about and kept coming back to how long my direct flight from Paris to Denver was in part because I have watched Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows probably 7 times now.

It used to be there was at least a few movies on a long flight I could catch up on but since MoviePass became a thing it has only gotten worse.  I’ve seen basically everything.  IllI take this as an opportunity to get familiar with foreign cinema I suppose, I mean who doesn’t love Bollywood?

Reading is less an option it makes me sleepy on a plane and when I wake up from a plane nap I never feel great.  It is a rough curse for an avid traveler.

Side note I can proudly say I have only ever seen a Transformers movie on an airplane.

One thought on “When your hobbies are travel and movies long flights can suck

  1. I never watch films at home… but on a flight, suddenly I’m watching three in a row. On my way back from America I managed to catch two films that were on my ‘must watch’ list, so for that I’m thankful!

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